Annual Board Meeting

November 7, 2009


      The Annual Board Meeting of the Iowa State Trapshooting Association was called to order by President Dave Wickman at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, November 7, 2009, at the Holiday Inn, Cedar Falls, Iowa.

      Present were: President Dave Wickman, SW Zone Director Jon Peterson, NW Zone Director Jim Cole, SE Zone Director Don Wickliff and NE Zone Director Barrie Swinbank; Alternate Zone Directors Mick Friedel, Kevin Hartwig and Ronald Munkel; ATA Alternate Delegates Pat Lyman and Phil Thyer; and Secretary/Treasurer Debra Oelmann.

      The minutes of the July 26, 2009 Annual Membership Meeting were read. Jon Peterson moved, Jim Cole seconded, the minutes be placed on file.

      The financial statements to date were then reviewed by Deb. Total income to date is $328,397.63. Total expenses to date are $295,691.11. This leaves an overall net profit to date of $32,706.52. The 2009 state shoot income statement was reviewed. Our net profit from the state shoot was $33,482.28. Barrie Swinbank moved to approve the financial report as presented, seconded by Don Wickliff, motion carried.

      The following items were discussed:

      1.  Replacing the awning on the Clubhouse that blew off on during the storm on July 9th. Deb stated that a bid was received from Robert Schluter Construction of Waverly in the amount of $6,850. This bid was submitted to the insurance company on November 2, 2009. Pat Lyman indicated that shooters he talked to at the Cedar Falls Gun Club were in favor of not replacing the awning. After discussion, Don Wickliff moved to not replace the awning on the clubhouse, seconded by Jon Peterson, motion carried.

      2.  Dave stated that a letter was received from the Holiday Inn stating their desire to continue being our "host hotel" for the state shoot. They will hold a block of rooms at the Days Inn for $54.00 per night and at the Holiday Inn for $74.00 per night. All were in favor of Dave signing this agreement.

      3.  A comment was made that the trap help expense was higher than in 2008. This will be discussed with Wendy. Dave Weinberg has all the trap parts.

      4.  Making up missed targets at the state shoot was discussed. After a lengthy discussion, Don Wickliff moved to revise the wording in our state shoot program to say, "A shooter can only make up one sub-event missed at the practice trap and the balance of the targets will not be scored.", seconded by Jon Peterson, motion carried.

      5.  Painting of the trap houses. Phil Thyer, Pat Lyman and Don Wickliff offered to complete this project using Dave Wickman’s airless paint sprayer. Jon Peterson offered to power wash the houses prior to painting. This will be completed prior to May 10, 2010.

      6.  Masonry repairs on the trap houses were discussed. Jim Cole suggested using a fiber bond to repair the houses.

      7.  The John Deere mower that has been sitting in the maintenance shed for 4-5 years that did not work before the flood and sat under water during the flood has been disposed of by Dave Weinberg.

      8.  Fixing the doors that do not seal on 19 trap houses was discussed.

      9.  Mick Friedel has offered to install permanent PVC pipes in the ground that would serve as stakeholders for setting doubles rather than having to measure each year. Prior to installation he will talk to Gene Zirkelbach for the measurements.

    10.  A discussion was held on adding trophies for special categories rather than just one place, as well as adding 3rd place for the singles championship. After discussion, it was decided to leave all trophies as they presently are.

    11.  The mining of the grounds from app. trap 9 west was discussed. Dave Wickman has asked a gentleman from Sioux Falls, South Dakota to look at the ground and take samples. This has not been completed yet, but will continue to be pursued.

    12.  Repairing of the bathhouses, new stools, painting, etc., will be discussed in the spring. Barrie Swinbank moved to remove the Harry Bruhn building, seconded by Don Wickliff, motion carried.

    13.  Expanding the state teams to five members in the Vet and Sr. Vet categories because of the enlarging age groups was discussed and it was decided to leave all teams as they presently are.

    14.  A long discussion was held on when to hold an AIM Shoot (Academics-Integrity-Marksmanship) during the state shoot. There were too many questions that the Board did not know the answer to so before a decision can be made on this topic, more input is needed from Dale Stockdale, the Iowa AIM Director.

    15.  A discussion was held on hiring a CPA to review the ISTA annual financial statement and legal council. Dave Wickman knows of a CPA in Mason City. Barrie Swinbank moved that the ISTA secure the services of a CPA to review the ISTA annual financial statements and legal council, seconded by Jon Peterson, motion carried.

    16.  After discussion it was decided not feasible to let UNI and local high schools practice at the state grounds.

    17.  A discussion was held on people setting up canopies for the week on the west end of the grounds (taking up parking spots) and not paying for the spot like people on the east end do. This will be taken care of during the state shoot as it arises.

    18.  A request has been made by the Ventura Gun Club to be moved from the Northeast Zone to the Northwest Zone. The reasons the club gave were their close proximity to the zone boundary line and the number of their members residing in the NW Zone. They felt another club in the NW Zone might help balance the zone as the travel for shooters would even out with two clubs on each side of the zone. After discussion, Don Wickliff moved that the Ventura Gun Club’s request to be moved from the NE Zone to the NW Zone is denied, but they would be allowed to host a zone shoot in the NW Zone, seconded by Barrie Swinbank, motion carried.

    19.  A thank you note will be sent to Dan Jordan for planting the ten (10) trees at the club for his Boy Scout Eagle project.

    20.  The rebate to the IHSCTA was reviewed. The following amounts are owed the IHSCTA; for 2007 $1,408; for 2008 $2,052 and for 2009 $3,860; for a total of $7,320. The amount of $2,000 was paid to the IHSCTA on January 28, 2009. The balance of $5,320 will be paid to the IHSCTA as soon as possible.

    21.  Also, Jon Peterson moved that the money raised the past two years on the gun auction to be used for youth shooting be placed in a savings account, seconded by Barrie Swinbank, motion carried.

    22.  Joanne DeLong and Shelly Heitner asked Deb to present to the Board the Hall of Fame Committee’s idea of hosting a dinner on Friday evening of the state shoot and have the awards presentation at that time which is normally held on Friday noon. After discussion, Jon Peterson moved that the ISTA will allow the Hall of Fame Committee to use the clubhouse for a dinner, however, no other support will be given by the ISTA, and the awards presentation will continue to be held on Friday at noon, not during this dinner, seconded by Jim Cole, motion carried.

    23.  It was noted that we need to make the sign-up building wheelchair accessible. Also, Bob Stuart indicated at the 2009 state shoot that he might be retiring in 2012, so we should start thinking about our cashiering alternatives.

     A motion was made by Barrie Swinbank that the meeting adjourn, seconded by Jim Cole. Meeting adjourned at 1:50 pm.

Debra Oelmann